With iterative planning and feedback loop, we provide visibility into the actual progress of project at every step.



As a trusted custom software development firm, we deliver the cost-effective solutions using the best practices for software development. Our process promotes the business approach which aligns the software development with customer needs and company goals. It comprises of the following steps:


We work with customers as strategic partner to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the application requirements and business needs. We promote frequent communication and feedback with the customers through emails, voice & video conferencing and on-site meeting if necessary.


We develop high-fidelity prototypes that provide a rich, interactive, and tangible description of the product’s intended functionality to the customer. The goal is to take the design from the virtual and imaginary realm into the physical world, and use it to sign off requirements with the customer. Prototyping includes board drawings, wire framing and high-fidelity mockups designed using tools such as Moqups, Hotgloo and Microsoft Visio.


We transforms the prototype into deliverable through coding, system integration and database design. Our process may use feedback as a primary control which helps the product to evolve overtime. We use project management tools (JIRA, Redmine ,Basecamp etc) to plan, organize, schedule and communicate so as to make the process rapid and lean.


Testing is the crucial part of the process for quality assurance and control. We adopt multiple software testing strategies including sanity testing, functionality test, integration test, performance test and user acceptance testing. Testing is performed through different tools such as Jmeter, Selenium, Acunetix, LoadUI, Pylot , NeoLoad, LoadComplete and customized query analyzer.


Product is finally deployed or launched with appropriate training on the functionality of the ready-to-use product. We have the capability to deploy your product on any infrastructure either dedicated or cloud based.


Our clients receive superior service and full commitment from the start to the project to its post-deployment. We take complete ownership and ensure our quality and post launch requests are executed to the client’s satisfaction.