How TechArete created the iOS Experience for OutSki


The Challenge

The shift in the online landscape has made the mobile app an ultimate requirement for any travel solution. Our client Outski realizing this challenge approached TechArete to extend the capability of their web solution to the mobile platform. The first goal was to develop an app that could serve the outski customers, a high percentage of which use iPhone and iPad.

The custom iOS app development for Outski was done to:

Allow the OutSki customers to plan their travel, save money, coordinate the group trips, find deals / plans and socialize for trips. Provide a user experience tailored for a mobile device, specifically for iOS.

Second, because the application accesses back-end financial systems, we needed to ensure that the app met all the security requirements mandated by the standards.

Third, the app needs to cover all the functionality provided by the web application which makes use of several APIs, and third party systems including i2c, Google places APIs, Google Maps, Expedia, Viator, Last Minute Travel , GAdventures. The application architecture needed to ensure that all the data it renders should be in quick time.

The Solution

Designing and developing such wide-scale application requires insights into user interface design, focus on security, and the overall application reliability. With the aim to bring these insights into the application, the following steps were carried out:


This step involved determining not only the scope of the front end, but also how the OutSki IOS application will access the data sources and the third party services.


Once we have determined the scope of the iOS app development, the wireframe / prototype of the application was developed. A strong focus on the user experience phase was taken on to guarantee that the app has the user’s needs at the heart of its design. The in-depth analysis on the user experience was aimed to increase the user’s engagement in the app.


At this stage, we created the initial version of the iOS app, working to ensure all the pieces of code communicate properly. The app has provision for localized data storage which lessens the communication with the server. We also applied the strong and tested security capabilities leveraging the OpenSSL stack. The secondary passwords were implemented for financial transactions.




We can position you as a trendsetter in the mobile application industry by our:

Wide experience, comprehensive skill set and a constant cycle of development and innovation. Capability to build mobile experiences in context with the user-centric approach. Strong skill set in integrating the financial services solution including the advanced plastic card technology (Virtual wallet, debit, credit products) to simple paypal integrations.

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