Empowering Tabuk sales staff by developing a custom iPad app for product presentations



Tabuk Pharmaceuticals was looking to arm their sales staff with a comprehensive product information organized in a way that helped drive consistent, effective presentations to the doctors in the local region.


TechArete helped Tabuk with custom iPad application development for three Tabuk products including Divido, Genso and Pedovex. The presentations highlight the key information at the fingertips of the sales person. These product presentation apps are easy to navigate, crisp and help the audience receive the message precisely and quickly.

The apps improved the performance in three core themes:

  • Appealingly aesthetic mobile presentations for the impact and results
  • Every sales person having the consistent information and collateral (PDF References)
  • Full product information and images without having to shuffle through printed material
The high impact presentations were built using:

  • Creative presentation graphics
  • Animation and illustration of product features and benefits
  • Flow charts and diagrams
  • Info graphics, graphs and charts

Technologies Used




We help the companies share their ideas and products using iPad applications by:

Focusing on creating new and innovative designs. Following the Apple’s slogan of “Think Different” while embracing the HCI guidelines and established standards.

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